About John Abe...

- USSF "B" License (Active)

- Completed the three-week "B" level International Coaching Course of the German Football Association (DFB) (2013)

- Maryland Soccer Hall of Fame Board of Directors (2010-Present)

- Member of Maryland Soccer Hall of Fame (inducted in 2000)

- Member of Harrisburg Heat All Decade Team (1991-2001)

- Two Time National Professional Soccer League All-Star (1990 & 1991)

- Member of Northern HS (Baltimore, MD) Sports Hall of Fame (1981)





German Soccer Education Tour
April 2011

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John Abe was born in Germany and learned to play soccer as a child there. At age 13, he moved to Baltimore and continued to excel at the game and became a collegiate two time All-American before being drafted during his sophomore year by the Baltimore Blast of the Major Indoor Soccer League. John's professional soccer career spanned over 10 years by playing both in the indoor and outdoor leagues. He has received numerous accolades including a three time All-Star and was inducted into the Maryland Soccer Hall of Fame in 2000.

John, who has his USSF  National "B" License, now gives back to the game by helping to develop some of the top youth players that have come out of the Central Pennsylvania area.

John believes that motivation is a required tool to succeed. He feels it is his role as the coach to tap into and expand every player's individual motivational skills so the team becomes self-driven. Players must see the coach as a leader and someone they can always turn to for more reinforcement if needed.

Goals must be set on and off the field with players and coaches continually working together to reach, revise, and expand those goals. If any link is broken the team will suffer. One area that must be dealt with very cautiously is negative communication or negative comments. The team cannot allow outside comments to disrupt their goals. Nor can the team be spoken to in a manner that questions one player against another.

Players become more delicate the longer the season goes on due to the physical demands of the game, and John believes that good motivational skills will help balance the overall team chemistry for any upcoming challenges.

Motivation begins at the very first team meeting and ends after the last event of the year. It must have a purpose and that purpose is for the team to build its confidence through positive means. 

Contact John by email at abesoccer@yahoo.com

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